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2 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Presence

Whether you’re a brand new company or have been in business for many years, the rapidly increasing usage of the internet is not something to be ignored. Many customers now receive their introduction to a brand and its products or services online, which is why a strong online presence is crucial to bringing in new sales. When you boost your online presence, you not only increase your brand’s reputation, but it will increase interaction with customers so that they fully trust your business and products. If you’re not sure where to get started, below are 4 simple ways to boost your presence online.

1. Optimize Your Website

Despite the mass transition to digital everything, only 51% of small businesses have a website. When nearly all of your potential customers are searching online, not having a website is a huge hit to your business. A website doesn’t have to be extremely complicated and fancy. A simple, solid design can often leave a lasting impression compared to all the bells and whistles of fancy fonts and flash graphics. In order to boost your online presence, you’ll also want to optimize your website through SEO practices. Many of these can be very simple to perform on your own, especially if you have full access to the website, but you can also invest in internet marketing services to take care of the optimization for you.

2. Choose the Appropriate Social Media Channel

Being active on social media is a big deal when it comes to your business. Being accessible to your clients on a more personal level will easily build trust in your brand, products, and services and easily boost your online presence. However, there are many different social media platforms to choose from and you’ll need to pick a handful that is best suited for your business. The “big three” are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as they are the main platforms that will be beneficial to nearly any business. When looking to boost your online presence, being active and engaging on social media can make all the difference. Responding to both positive and negative criticism in a professional and friendly way can show costumers that you care about them and not just their wallets.

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